Chastity Femdom

Hot chicks are in control of your dick

It wasn't really wise to allow the chubby mistresses Cathy and Cora to lock up your dick in a chastity belt - now they want your best to get the key - your money! They tease you with their huge titties and round asses while showing you the key to your CB. You'd like to jerk off? Then start paying!

This mistress will fuck your brain! She'll hypnotize you so you become her chaste slave and follow her commands without thinking about them for a second. She'll reprogram your subconscious and control your orgasms as well as your complete life!

Mistress Samira is your new owner and you'll wear a chastity belt, a mouth gag and a neckband from now on so she control you even easier. Of course she keeps the key to your chastity belt and you'll only be allowed to jerk off when she thinks you did your duties well enough to deserve it!

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