Chastity Femdom

Hot chicks are in control of your dick

Cathy has locked your tiny dick into a cage and now she is humiliating you very heavily. She tells you that you are the total loser and your dick is just good where it is: locked away inside a cage. It won't ever please any woman or anything and all you are good for is paying Mistresses like her! So get used to stay "dry" for a long time sissy, and also get used to pay and suffer for your mistress.

Mistress Lycia belongs to a group of girls your mum have ever told and warned you about. Cold hearted, cruel, greedy, arrogant, and beautiful and perverted - those are the best keywords to describe this Mistress. In this clip she shows what she has done to one poor guy. She enslaved him and hypnotized him. He bought that steel chastity belt and put it on in front of her. Then she made him wakeup. Now he is trapped inside that locked up chastity belt and that's not enough for her. She also bound his hands to that device, gagged him up and touches the cage very gently to make him suffer. Now he has to do whatever she wants or she might throw the keys to that device into a river or just flushes them down her toilet...

Since one slave followed Lady Juely's instructions and put a chastity device on to send her the keys, he was lost! He did that in total arousal and didn't really know the consequences. But she did, and she used everything for her advantage, just as promised! Today this little slave is made to pay her a monthly tribute. He is never allowed to cum but she used to tease him to keep him on track.

Jenny was that girl you always liked. You have seen all her pictures and videos. You always loved her sexy body, her dark hair and the greatest whish was to please her. Well there was this day you have written a further mail to her. First you thought that she might not answer because she would be too busy. But the surprise was she did. You have told her all about you and as you remembered you have been a bit drunk as you mailed her. She asked you if you were ready to do anything she wants just to please her. Of course you wrote a big "YES MISTRESS" with shaking hands back to her. Then she gave you the first advice. You had to buy a chastity belt, put it on and send her the keys. You did as you were told. After two days, she answered you "Look what I have here my little silly piggy boy - you are mine now. Listen to my clip and do whatever I want"...

Now that your tiny dick is locked away in that funny pink cage you now wear, I can tell you about my plans. You are mine now, and I want you to do anything I tell you, is that clear sissy boy? You know, bad slaves will be ignored desperately and slaves that don't fulfill my claims and needs will be kicked out of my stable without the key hahaha. That means that I will go to flush that slaves chastity belt key down my toilet. Did you understand that? So get on your knees oh and fetch your credit card, you will need it! It's a great day to make an online shopping tour, don't you think?

Oh look at her, doesn't she look good? This sexy face, her perfect body and those big tits and of course this special accessories she never puts down. It's the key to one loyal slaves chastity belt. She is in charge of his satisfaction and this poor guy is permanently denied to get out of that cruel thing which keeps his dick locked away. She makes him pay and worship her day by day, and if he aks for release she punishes him for that by ignoring him for the next three days. He cannot remember his last orgasm anymore, his only thoughts are circling around his owner, his Mistress.

It wasn't really wise to allow the chubby mistresses Cathy and Cora to lock up your dick in a chastity belt - now they want your best to get the key - your money! They tease you with their huge titties and round asses while showing you the key to your CB. You'd like to jerk off? Then start paying!

This mistress will fuck your brain! She'll hypnotize you so you become her chaste slave and follow her commands without thinking about them for a second. She'll reprogram your subconscious and control your orgasms as well as your complete life!

Mistress Samira is your new owner and you'll wear a chastity belt, a mouth gag and a neckband from now on so she control you even easier. Of course she keeps the key to your chastity belt and you'll only be allowed to jerk off when she thinks you did your duties well enough to deserve it!

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